Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue of Night in BJP

©Daido Moriyama

Many thanks to the British Journal of Photography for recently publishing a work in progress called Blue of Night. This is a particulary difficult project for me, though I won't go into that now. Might I just add that although I very much admire the Japanese photographer, Daido Moriyama, and think that 'Stray Dog' is one of the finest photographs ever and that Goodbye Photography is one of the greatest photobooks and an absolute inspiration, I do not regard him, as was stated in the text, as a hero. I think at the tender age of 43 I have left hero worship for my fellow humans way behind! No offence Daido.

David LaChapelle versus the Vatican

©Michael Grieve

It has been a busy time of late especially on the portrait front. This one is of David LaChapelle for an Italian magazine. Before the shoot someone asked me how does a photographer photograph a photographer? My wry reply was 'with a bigger ego'! No such ego was necessary with David who admitted to me that he often feels uncomfortable being photographed but told me during the shoot that he felt relaxed and liked my natural and quiet approach. I absolutely take my hat off to David who, while being interviewed, told the Italian journalist, who, for 20 minutes, feigned a smile during his passionate attack and absolute disdain at the Vatican and their policy of genocide in preaching not to use condoms in Africa.